Cypress House

Vancouver, British Columbia
2-Level Renovation
3,900 sqft

Located at Kits Point, this renovation design combines functionality with modern aesthetics. Originally designed by renowned architect James Cheng, the house is undergoing significant alterations, both inside and out.

The interior boasts concrete floors paired with wood ceilings, creating an atmosphere of industrial warmth. The home's open spaces are accentuated by a substantial kitchen expansion and high, 12-foot ceilings in the living room. These spaces are harmoniously tied together by detailing in white, concrete, and wood tones. On the upper level, three bedrooms provide private sanctuaries for residents. An interior bridge upstairs, grants a panoramic view of the dining room below. Adding to the spacious feel are numerous skylights, basking the home in natural light.

Externally, the house features multiple areas for leisure and entertainment. A rear deck extends over the driveway, and is an ideal spot for entertainment and open-air relaxation directly adjacent to the kitchen. Atop the house sits an expansive split-level roof deck. Here, residents and guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the water, Kits Beach, downtown, and the North Shore mountains. This rooftop deck space is equipped with BBQ facilities, dining and lounge areas, as well as a hot tub. With ample storage throughout and close proximity to the beach, this house successfully marries convenience with lifestyle.

Main Floor
Second Floor
Cross Section

01 - entry

02 - living

03 - dining

04 - kitchen

05 - powder

06 - laundry

07 - outdoor deck

01 - main bedroom

02 - main bathroom

03 - overlook hall

04 - bedroom

05 - bedroom

06 - bathroom