Vista House

North Vancouver, British Columbia
2-Level New Build
4,900 sqft

The Vista House sits high on the mountain, where a quiet neighbourhood converges with the boundary of a large forest. Appearing as a simple one-story bungalow from the front, the home nestles gently into the surrounding landscape. The irregular funnel-shape and steep topography of the site played a fundamental role in the architectural design and spatial layout of the house. Descending from the street level to the main entry brings a sensation of compression, particularly when coming down the curving driveway and walking under the large wood soffit. The glass entryway incorporates a series of wooden slats designed to maintain privacy in the open living spaces while allowing sunlight to filter through and creating an interplay of shadows throughout the day.

Passing through the entry, an exterior concrete wall extends into the house becoming a feature for the interior as well as an integral part of the structure. The home expands to reveal interiors that are strikingly expansive. Arranged linearly, the spaces are oriented to capture far-reaching southern panoramic views of Stanley Park and the Burrard Inlet. Windows are thoughtfully placed throughout the house to frame snapshots of sky and foliage, enhancing the connection to the environment. The boundary between indoors and out becomes less pronounced, most notably with a balcony that extends over the landscape below and an interior cedar ceiling that extends into the exterior soffit, drawing the view to the open-air space beyond.

Basement Floor
Main Floor
Cross Section

01 - recreation

02 - kitchen

03 - laundry

04 - powder

05 - storage hall

06 - bedroom

07 - bathroom

08 - bedroom

09 - bathroom

10 - mechanical

01 - entry

02 - living

03 - dining

04 - kitchen

05 - study

06 - games

07 - bathroom

08 - mudroom

09 - main bedroom

10 - closet

11 - main bathroom