Vancouver, British Columbia
3-Level New Build
4,600 sqft

The Galiano House is a practical three-storey residence, clad in brick and designed to respond to its unique trapezoidal lot with a steep slope. This positioning presents challenges due to the terrain, and provides opportunities; notably, views of downtown Vancouver and the North Shore mountains. To maximize the available width and embrace the site's form, the house widens at the front, with angles internally set for improved functionality.

Split levels on the main floor and basement levels are implemented to negotiate the slope, ensuring stability and efficient use of space. The main floor features an open plan that transitions seamlessly to the rear yard through a sizable alcove. This strategically facilitates uninterrupted views from the rear yard, piercing through the residence, and extending to the mountains. A neutral palette of concrete and wood tones characterizes the interior, complemented by expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that usher in natural light.

The property's steep gradient has been adeptly addressed by connecting the garage directly to the basement; an efficient solution to the site's topographical challenge. It is yet another example of how this site's challenges have created unique design opportunity in both aesthetics and functionality.

Basement Floor
Main Floor
Upper Floor

01 - mudroom

02 - powder

03 - laundry

04 - mechanical

05 - wine

06 - bar

07 - living

08 - golf

09 - bedroom

10 - bathroom

11 - garage

01 - entry

02 - powder

03 - office

04 - living

05 - dining

06 - main kitchen

07 - prep kitchen

08 - covered patio

09 - roof deck

01 - main bedroom

02 - closet

03 - main bathroom

04 - bedroom

05 - bathroom